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Anonymously report anything that concerns or threatens you, your friends, your family or your community.
We are open 24/7, 365 to take reports.

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The State of Colorado, as a result of Columbine, began passing several pieces of legislation critical to creating safe schools and communities for Colorado's youth. In 2000, HB 00-1119 was passed, which requires information sharing between law enforcement and schools, recognizing it as the key to prevention and intervention. Also passed by State legislature and now required of Colorado schools: safe school planning (SB 11-133) and bullying prevention (SB 01-080). 

Safe2Tell Colorado was designed to help schools identify youth who are struggling in order to prevent violence and tragedies from occurring. Tips submitted to Safe2Tell Colorado provide schools a way to gather key information about safety concerns within their schools or communities and use this intel to create effective interventions in the lives of students. A key component to the Safe2Tell model in schools is educating and engaging students on what to watch for and what to report while equipping them with the resources to anonymously report concerns. Safe2Tell Colorado provides trainings, presentations, resources, promotional and marketing materials to Colorado schools to increase awareness around the Safe2Tell model, promoting responsible use of the anonymous reporting system.

State law protects the anonymity of the person who reports in the tip. During an investigation, efforts are made to protect the anonymity of the reporter. Tips received from the tip line are often forwarded directly to school officials, so schools may proactively intervene before a criminal incident or potential tragedy takes place. The Safe2Tell model is a tool all schools can use, by giving students, parents and others a means to anonymously report anything that concerns their safety. 

If a school is dealing with an ongoing problem or a specific incident, they can advertise the tipline, web reporting and mobile app to students to report any concerns, which helps reduce the time and effort needed to resolve the situation. The very existence of Safe2Tell Colorado in schools is a deterrent and can inhibit troublesome behavior from happening in the first place. Safe2Tell Colorado provides that effective safety model allowing schools to focus on educating children and providing a safe learning environment for kids to develop life skills.

Safe2Tell Colorado offers schools timesaving resources to easily participate and educate students, parents and staff about the prevention model. Safe2Tell Colorado is available to all Colorado students and community members, regardless of their individual school’s participation.

Key Benefits for School Using the Safe2Tell Model:

  • Proactive intervention prevents incidents before they happen.
  • Anonymous tipline saves time investigating incidents.
  • Tipline’s existence inhibits & deters troublesome behavior.
  • 24/7 forwarding of tips enables prompt action & reduces liability.
  • Safe2Tell Colorado materials support quick & easy implementation.

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