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Support them by staying involved

If parents learn of concerns, we recommend that you consider reaching out to the school or local law enforcement directly. This is similar to the first option for students to contact a trusted adult. Safe2Tell is always available as your second option, whether it is because you don’t know where to make a report, it’s after hours, or you can’t make a direct report. Safe2Tell is here for threats to student or school safety.

Who determines the response

Safe2Tell relays report information from the person making the report to local partners. Schools and law enforcement have authority to determine how they respond to reports. Any questions on general Safe2Tell response policies or protocols should be directed to your local school and/or law enforcement agencies.

What teenagers want parents to know

  • “As much as I fight it, make me talk about it! Don’t let me get away with it.”

Additional information:

  • Adults CAN submit Safe2Tell reports on their own behalf and/or on behalf of their child. Like all Safe2Tell reports, yours will be anonymous.
  • Safe2Tell reports are not included in a student’s academic record.
  • Safe2Tell does not notify the Reporting Party of the report outcome. All outcome information is confidential.
  • If you have previously reported the situation to your school staff and are not satisfied with the outcome, Safe2Tell is not able to enforce a different outcome. Please find the appropriate contact within your school or district for escalating these concerns.
If you are looking for more information on the history, purpose, and relevance of Safe2Tell, visit our What We Do page.

Parents webinar

This webinar covers context around Safe2Tell, data, the report lifecycle, and parent FAQs. The intended audience is for parents, families, and other trusted adults in students’ lives.

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