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“Great resource for all teen programs! Thanks for the information, I will be printing and posting flyers.”

Recreation Center Administrator

Community connection

Safe2Tell provides concerned community members, parents, and guardians a way to anonymously report safety concerns to create effective interventions in the lives of youth who are struggling. Early intervention can save lives.

Safe2Tell provides educational opportunities for students to learn about the program, but also for concerned community members. By promoting Safe2Tell, you are engaging your fellow community members to be part of the solution.

Reporting concerns​

Reporting keeps you and others safe from threats, harmful behaviors, or dangerous situations. We need your help to improve our communities. If you see or hear something dangerous or concerning, report it. 

  • Safe2Tell analysts answer reports any time, any day.
  • Adults can submit Safe2Tell reports. Like all Safe2Tell reports, yours will be anonymous.

Get involved

Safe2Tell regularly conducts trainings and presentations to educate students, school staff, law enforcement, and community members about the Safe2Tell model.

To request a training or presentation, please complete our online Presentation Request Form.

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