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Safe2Tell Cultural Self Assessment

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1School Staff
4Tip Receiver

School Staff

We begin every school year with educating students about Safe2Tell.*
We began each school year educating our teaching staff about Safe2Tell.*
We began each school year educating our staff who receive Safe2Tell reports about Safe2Tell.*
We begin each school year with educating our parents about Safe2Tell.*
We offer follow-up trainings for newly enrolled students and their parents around Safe2Tell during the schoolyear.*
Our staff reviews Safe2Tell throughout the school year with students.*
Our staff can articulate the Safe2Tell process.*
Our administrative team evaluates data from Safe2Tell.*
Our Safe2Tell report recipients evaluate data from Safe2Tell.*
Our administration and staff discuss our Safe2Tell data.*
Our administration and staff establish plans around Safe2Tell data.*
Our staff doesn't feel we need Safe2Tell as our students tell us everything.*
Our staff does not blame students for subpar quality reports, but rather view it as an opportunity for growth.*
When we receive complaints on false reports, we examine not only Safe2Tell, but what is in our school culture.*
Safe2Tell is integrated into our systems so it doesn't feel like "one more thing."*
Safe2tell investigations involve more than 1 person.*
Our staff is aware there are Safe2Tell Spanish resources.*
Does your staff know that Safe2Tell can interpret phone calls into 275 languages?*
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