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Anonymously report anything that concerns or threatens you, your friends, your family or your community.

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Tips and Hints for Receiving Safe2Tell CO Reports

A new school year is back in full swing!  We want to start this year off safely by giving you helpful tips and reminders for receiving Safe2Tell tip reports:   
Sign up to Receive Safe2Tell Tip Reports by Text 
A feature of the P3 Safe2Tell system is the ability to notify you of new tips for your school(s) via a text alert.  To receive text alerts, a valid cell phone number needs to be included with your contact information in the P3 system.
There are two ways to add a cell phone number to your contact information and opt into text alerts:
  1. Update in P3: After logging into P3, click on the My Account option.  Add your cell number to your contact information and click the text notification button.  Click save to submit changes.
  2. Request an Update to Contact Info:Submit and complete the appropriate fields in the School Contact Information Form on
To be removed from text alerts, follow the same P3 instructions above and deselect text notifications or contact Safe2Tell staff at 720-508-6800 or
Disposition Reports: What You Need to Know
After receiving a Safe2Tell Tip Colorado report, school staff  and law enforcement who receive the tip and respond must complete a disposition form on every Safe2Tell Colorado tip received. 
  • Each Safe2Tell CO tip received requires that a disposition report is filed in the Safe2Tell P3 system.
  • The more detailed information that is provided, the more helpful the program is for schools, local law enforcement, and Safe2Tell.
  • Complete disposition reports by using the Safe2Tell Online Disposition Form or directly in P3 system in the Disposition/In Progress Notes Tab.
  • Add the outcomes of the investigation or intervention in the "Description of Investigation/Intervention with Outcome" Section and click Submit Notes.
  • Report any outcome and trends by selecting the appropriate boxes on the right hand side of the page and click save.
  • Close out any tips resolved tips by changing the status to Closed.
  • Follow-up on every Safe2Tell report is a program requirement.

Information and links for completing disposition reports


Disposition Reports
Closing Out Tips
Recipients of Safe2Tell tip reports should also close out reports while completing a disposition report.  To close your open Safe2Tell CO tips:  
  1. Log into, using your user name and password
  2. Review each tip to make sure that all reports have a completed disposition narrative.
  3. Select the CLOSED status under the upper status tab.
  4. Click Save to submit changes.

Closing out open tips in the P3 system ensures that your school and/or security team has responded to each report received for this school year.

Additional information on closing tips

Closing Tips
Register Your Teams & Update Contact Information
To ensure that when Safe2Tell tips are delivered to the correct team, submit any staff contact information changes by completing our online School Contact Update Form.

Once the form is received, Safe2Tell staff may contact the primary listed school contact to verify any contact changes submitted before entering the new information into the Safe2Tell Colorado system.  

Please note that contact information changes are made during business hours, Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM.  If you need a tip sent immediately to a person not listed for your school outside of these operating hours, please call Colorado State Patrol dispatch at 1-877-542-7233 and they will assist you.

For assistance with and questions about updating your school team contact information, please contact Laura Howsden, Program Assistant, at 720-508-6811 or

Contact Update Form


Register Your Team
Using Two-Way Dialogue To Gather Additional Information from the Tipster
When a tip is received and more information is needed, Comm Center Dispatchers can engage in a two-way dialogue with the tipster.  The two-way dialogue feature allows for additional communication with the reporting party and the ability to ask for more information and uploads of attachments.
When responding to Safe2Tell tips, if you need more information from the tipster, you may contact CSP dispatch on the number included on each Safe2Tell report and request for them to engage in a two-way dialogue.  Providing the dispatcher with the information you are requesting looking for is helpful. 
Searching Past Tips
Within the P3 system, you can view and search any past tips assigned to your school(s).  All tip reports from 2004 to Present Day are currently archived in the P3 system and available for you to view and search.
To search for a tip:
  • Click on the query tab.
  • Click the define button.
  • Enter your search parameters.  You may search by name, offense type, date, or status.
  • Click the Run button and your search results will appear at the bottom of the screen.    


Expiration Date: 
Friday, September 1, 2017 - 11