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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is any forced, unwanted sexual act perpetrated without consent. Often portrayed in the media as perpetrated by a stranger, most typically a sexual assault is perpetrated by someone the victim knows. Sexual assault can happen to both men and women of any age. [1]


What Should I Do?

What's the right thing to do if you've been a victim of sexual assault? Take care of yourself in the best way for you. For some people, that means reporting the incident immediately and fighting for justice. For others it means seeking medical or emotional care without reporting. Every person is different.

There are three things that everyone who has been sexually assaulted should do:

  1. Know that the sexual assault wasn't your fault.
  2. Seek medical care.
  3. Deal with your feelings.


It's Not Your Fault

Whatever happened, it wasn't your fault. No one has the right to force you any sexual act on you against your will. The blame for an assault lies solely with the perpetrator.

Sometimes a perpetrator will try to exert even more power by making the person who's been sexually assaulted feel like it was actually his or her fault. A perpetrator may say stuff like, "You asked for it" or "You wanted it." This is just another way for the perpetrator to take control. The truth is that what a person wears, what a person says, or how a person acts is never a justification for sexual assault.

Most people who are sexually assaulted know their perpetrator. That can sometimes lead the victim to try to protect the perpetrator. Make protecting yourself your priority; don't worry about protecting the person who assaulted you. If you want to report the assault, do so. If you don't feel comfortable reporting it, though, you don't have to. Do whatever helps you feel safe and heal — without blaming yourself. [2]

If you have been a victim of sexual assault, get help here:


Additional Resources

submit a tip


Make a Report

Anyone who has been sexually assaulted needs to seek help to find solutions for dealing with this issue. This could be through a school counselor or a professional therapist or a support group. Whatever the setting, the outcome should be finding healthy outlets for overwhelming feelings. If you, or someone you know, is struggling with sexual assault and you don’t know where to turn for help, you can always start by making a report to Safe2Tell™ Colorado. Call 1-877-542-7233, make a webreport using the submit a tip button to the left, or download the Safe2Tell Colorado mobile app on the Apple Store or Google Play.






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