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Anonymously report anything that concerns or threatens you, your friends, your family or your community.
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P3 Instructions and Information

All persons receiving Safe2Tell Colorado reports will access the P3 intelligence system to view, respond to and report outcomes of tips. Below is helpful information and instructions to assist registered user to effectively use the P3 system:


Safe2Tell Colorado Recipient User Guide

If you are registered as a recipient that receives Safe2Tell Colorado tips for your school or agency, the Safe2Tell Colorado P3 Recipient User Guide will provide you with an in-depth understanding for navigating and using the Safe2Tell P3 Intelligence System.  To view the new User Guide, download a PDF copy from the link below:


Safe2Tell Colorado P3 Recipient User Guide





How to Access, View, and Receive Tips in the P3 System Instructional Video


Initial Login

In order to access reports in the P3 system, login with your email address currently assigned to you in our system. You will need to a create a password in order to login. Instructions to set-up a password have been sent to your email. Click here to log into P3 using your email and password.


Forget your password/Setting up a password

In the case you forget your password to the P3 system, click the “forgot my password” link to reset your password. Your login will be your email address registered in the system to receive Safe2Tell Colorado reports. If you receive a Safe2Tell Colorado report and haven’t had a chance to set up a password, click on the “forget password” link in the email. You will be taken to a page and allowed to make one at that time.


Changing Contact Information

If you have changed schools or need to update your school team’s information, complete a school contact form change request.


Receiving Text Alerts

If you would like to give us your cell phone number, we also can send you notifications via text.  Email us with that information.


Viewing Tips

To view a tip in P3, click on the link provided in the email or text alert you received notifying you of the new tip. Use your login information to access the tip in P3 (see above for login information). All tips assigned to you will appear at the bottom of the Tip Manager screen, or may be searched using the search box on the top of the right-side menu. When a tip is read, it is marked as read and time-stamped in the P3 system. Attachments (videos, photos and uploaded documents) may be viewed in the main screen or by clicking the Attachment tab.


Searching Previous Tips

When you enter the P3 system, all current and previous tips assigned to you are visible and searchable. To look up previous tips, use the search box on the top right-side menu to search using key terms, names, and tip numbers.


Disposition ButtonCompleting Disposition Reports

Recipients receiving Safe2Tell Colorado reports need to complete a Disposition report in the P3 system. To complete a Disposition report in P3, login with your email and password and then find the tip you are closing. Tips assigned to you will appear on the bottom of the Tip Manager screen or may be found using the search box on the right-side menu. Click to open the tip and then click the Disposition tab. Complete the form by providing detail of the actions that took place in the Disposition/In-Progress Notes section; when complete, click submit to post. You also will need to check all relevant outcomes and trends on the right side of the page.