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Disposition Reports

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With each report received, Safe2Tell Colorado goes the extra step and follows up with the school and/or law enforcement that received the tip to ensure that it was investigated and action was taken. Safe2Tell Colorado schools will ensure a disposition report is submitted to Safe2Tell Colorado with each and every tip report received.

After receiving a Safe2Tell Tip Colorado report, school staff who received the tip report and/or law enforcement who responded are required to complete a disposition form on every Safe2Tell Colorado tip received. Disposition reports are entered directly into the Safe2Tell Colorado reporting system. 



Responders or staff without a P3 Login:  To file a disposition report on a tip received, complete a disposition report from the Safe2Tell Colorado website that is directly entered into the P3 system using the P3 Online Disposition Form.

Tip Recipients/School Contacts: you may use your P3 login information to access the tip and provide an outcome report directly in the system by completing the disposition tab in P3. You will need to enter Disposition/In-Progress Notes on the left hand side of the page, as well as selected all applicable outcomes and trends on the right hand side. Use the status drop-down menu to change the status of the tip (located on the top of the Tip page).


  • Each Safe2Tell CO tip received requires a disposition report to be filed in the Safe2Tell P3 system.
  • The more detailed information that is provided, the more helpful the program is for schools, local law enforcement, and Safe2Tell.
  • Dispositions are completed using the Safe2Tell Online Disposition Form or directly in P3 system in the Disposition/In Progress Notes Tab.
  • You will need both the Tip ID and Disposition ID to enter the disposition form.  Click here for instructions on how to find the Tip ID and Disposition ID.
  • Add the outcomes of the investigation or intervention in the "Description of Investigation/Intervention with Outcome" Section and click Submit Notes.
  • Report any outcome and trends by selecting the appropriate boxes on the right hand side of the page and click save.
  • Close out any tips resolved tips by changing the status to Closed.
  • Follow-up on every Safe2Tell report is a program requirement.
Close Out Tips


  • Tips are considered closed when coded as closed in the system and a disposition report is saved in the tip file in the P3 system.
  • To close a tip in P3, change the status bar at the top of the page to Closed using the drop down button and click save.



For more information or assistance with disposition reporting, contact us at 720-508-6813 or