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Anonymously report anything that concerns or threatens you, your friends, your family or your community.

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Education and Outreach

The strategy developed from the Safe2Tell Colorado model prevents tragedy and saves lives. Safe2Tell Colorado works to change attitudes by providing resources around the state to educate, equip, empathize with, empower, and engage youth. In addition to providing a safe, anonymous way for Colorado students, schools and communities to report concerns, Safe2Tell Colorado works to break the code of silence through awareness, education and outreach activities. Data shows that more Safe2Tell Colorado tip reports come from schools that incorporate the Safe2Tell solution in all practices.
Train the Trainer Certifications
In order to spread the message of the Safe2Tell Colorado program among Colorado schools, Safe2Tell Colorado developed a training program that certifies individuals and leaders to present Safe2Tell Colorado information, materials, and classroom discussion materials to their own communities. Safe2Tell Colorado schools maintain at least one trained counselor, administration staff, teacher, or School Safety Resource Officer who presents Safe2Tell Colorado presentations to students each and every year. Safe2Tell Colorado schools also provide opportunities for all-staff trainings and provide Continuing Education Credits for staff who complete a certified training session. Click here to request a Train the Trainer opportunity.
Conversation Jumpstarts
Safe2Tell Colorado provides training modules to provide counselors, school resource officers, and school administrators a tangible tool lead them in guided classroom discussions. Available Conversation Jumpstart topics include bullying, cyber bullying, dating, sexting, weapons, dating, depression, and substance abuse. While discussing issues, trainers talk about the code of silence, when it is appropriate to make a report, and what happens once a report is made. Safe2Tell Colorado schools incorporate Conversation Jumpstarts classroom guided discussions into their health and wellness curriculum and present the information each year to students.
Trainings and Presentations
Safe2Tell Colorado regularly conducts trainings and presentations in order to educate students, school staff, law enforcement, and community members about the Safe2Tell model. A variety of trainings and presentations are available for free to Colorado schools and communities. Click here to request a Safe2Tell Colorado Presentation or Training.  

Messaging and Student Awareness
The best way to reach students is often with a visual story and by utilizing the communication mediums relevant to today’s student populations. Safe2Tell Colorado has provided the framework for many schools to best reach their students using customized videos that promote Safe2Tell Colorado messages. Safe2Tell Colorado schools promote the bystander reporting tipline to students through effective messaging: examples may include printing the Safe2Tell Colorado logo on the back of student ID cards and hanging Safe2Tell Colorado posters in hallways, cafeterias, and classrooms.
The Safe2Tell Colorado Student Overview Toolkit is designed to provide an overview to Colorado students, by appropriate age level, the importance of reporting concerns and how the Safe2Tell Colorado program works. The Toolkits are available at no costs to Colorado schools and communities to equip teachers, school staff, SROs, and law enforcement to assist in spreading the Safe2Tell Colorado message. Toolkits contain educational videos, classroom materials, and discussion guides, parent letters and pledge sheets. You may find the Toolkit for Elementary Schools and the Toolkit for Middle and High Schools available for downloading, printing, and distributing here.
Student Materials and Items
Promoting Safe2Tell Colorado goes beyond a poster on the wall. By combining direct messaging along with relevant promotional materials, Safe2Tell Colorado effectively spreads the Safe2Tell Colorado message and tipline number and website to thousands of students each year. Data shows that more Safe2Tell Colorado tip reports come from schools that incorporate the Safe2Tell Colorado solution in all practices. Safe2Tell Colorado schools utilize promotional student materials to help spread the message of Safe2Tell Colorado to students. Safe2Tell Colorado schools embrace the full prevention model by providing more than merely a poster on a wall.
Safe2Tell Colorado has developed a set of promotional posters for Colorado schools and communities that encourage an empower students to report safety concerns and help friends who may be hurting. Click here to view the available posters for sale and for free downloading.
Community Awareness and Parent Engagement
As a majority of Safe2Tell Colorado reports are received between the hours of 3 PM and 6 PM, Safe2Tell Colorado is being utilized by students outside school walls. A Safe2Tell Colorado school provides educational opportunities for parents to learn of the valuable safety resource available to not only their children and teens, but also themselves as concerned community members. Safe2Tell Colorado schools incorporate the Safe2Tell Colorado message as part of their overall community engagement practices.
Student Handbook and Safe2Tell Colorado Information Postings
Safe2Tell Colorado schools provide a description of Safe2Tell Colorado resource available to students and parents in district and school handbooks. Safe2Tell Colorado provides examples of student handbook language and logos for schools to publish. Safe2Tell Colorado schools also include the Safe2Tell Colorado logo and/or information on their websites, social media pages, and outdoor marquees/banners.
The best way to reach students is often with a visual story. Safe2Tell Colorado has provided the framework for many schools to best reach their students using customized videos that promote the messages of Safe2Tell, shown by caring, committed adults at their schools.  Click here to view the library of Safe2Tell Colorado videos.