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Anonymously report anything that concerns or threatens you, your friends, your family or your community.

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Elementary School Resources

Conversations about safety and how to help a friend should happen at every age level.  Although the specific messaging for elementary students is different than messaging to middle and high school students, the main concept to stress with younger children is how they can help a friend and engage an adult when a dangerous or risky situation arises.  We know that when committed, caring adults deliver these messages in their schools and communities, students are more likely to connect with someone they know when they need help.
Below are some resources to start the conversation with elementary students about overall safety, bystander engagement and Safe2Tell:


Elementary Student Education Toolkit:



YOUTUBE:  (Spanish)



Elementary Toolkit Instructions and Classroom Guide:

Supplemental Printable Materials:

  • Coloring Page for Elementary Students: A printable Coloring Page for Elementary Students
  • Student Certificate in Color or Student Certificate in Black and White: A Student Completion Certificate that acknowledges the Safe2Tell lesson for each student
  • Helpful Information for Parents: A letter to send home to parents/guardians informing them on the lesson their student received, as well as educating them on the Safe2Tell model and providing information on how to effectively advocate for their student
  • Bookmarks 4 Per Page: Student Bookmarks to pass out to students that includes the Safe2Tell phone number and website so that they have a take away reference item, if they need to make a report
  • Student Pledge Form: A Student Pledge form for students to sign, pledging their commitment to creating safer schools that foster a culture and climate of respect and trust  (to be hung in the classroom or school)