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Anonymously report anything that concerns or threatens you, your friends, your family or your community.

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Conversation Jumpstarts Classroom Discussions

Conversation Jumpstart

Safe2Tell Colorado provides training modules to counselors, teachers, administrators, health educators and school resource officers to certify them in leading guided classroom discussions about issues facing youth and the Safe2Tell solution. Available Conversation Jumpstart topics include bullying, cyber bullying, dating, sexting, weapons, dating, depression, and substance abuse. While discussing issues trainers talk about the code of silence, when it is appropriate to make a report, and what happens when a report is made.

Three of our current  Conversation Jumpstarts may be viewed and presented in classrooms from the below prezi presentation links.  If you'd like to review our other conversation jumpstarts, please contact our Training and Outreach Specialist

#1: Tattling vs. Reporting and Safe2Tell (Elementary)

#2: Suicide Prevention and Safe2Tell (Middle and High School)

#3 How To USe Safe2Tell (Middle and High School)