Who We Are

Safe2Tell® provides YOUNG people a way to report any threatening behaviors or activities endangering themselves or someone they know, in a way that keeps them safe and anonymous.

Safe2Tell® is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization based on the Colorado Prevention Initiative for School Safety with initial funding from The Colorado Trust.

The program focuses on kids and the issues they face today.  This program was based on the Columbine Commission Report’s recommendation that students need a safe and anonymous way to keep lines of communication open.  They realized that tragedies could be prevented if young people had a way to tell someone what they knew without fearing retaliation.

The anonymity of all Safe2Tell reports is protected by C.R.S. 07-197.  This means the reporting party remains UNKNOWN by Colorado state law, signed by Governor Bill Ritter on May 3, 2007.

Now, using Safe2Tell®, they only have to make a call to make a difference.  By calling 1-877-542-7233 or submitting a tip through this web-site, young people can help anyone who is in trouble or prevent a tragedy.

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