What Can I Do?

There are many things that each individual can do:

  1. Bring Safe2Tell Colorado to your community or your school.  Call 720-508-6800 to find out how.
  2. Spread the word about Safe2Tell Colorado.
  3. Use the Student Education Toolkit videos and education items to create awareness about Safe2Tell.
  4. Share Safe2Tell Colorado infographics, posts and statuses on Facebook and Twitter (follow us at and
  5. Download free printable cheap online essay writer resources and post in your school or community.
  6. Help break the Code of Silence in your school – put a link to Safe2Tell on the school website, purchase Safe2Tell Colorado lanyards for hall passes, I.D. cards, etc.
  7. Schedule a staff training or parent night (call 720-508-6800).
  8. When a troubling situation arises, make the report by calling 1-877-542-542-7233 or submit a tip online or by mobile app.